About the competition

UAE Space Agency in collaboration with Khalifa University and Boeing Corporation, have devised a STEM oriented contest called UAE Mini Satellite Challenge: Design, Build, Launch UAE Mini Satellite Challenge provides the opportunity for students interested in the fields of engineering, material sciences, and physical sciences to develop technology applications and experiments that are exposed to the space environment and have a clear view of the Earth and universe. The winning team will test their technology on a 2U CubeSat platform deployed from the International Space Station. The challenge targets university undergraduate and graduate students.

Partnership and Sponsorship

UAE Space Agency (UAESA)

UAE Space Agency (UAESA) is a key stakeholder, supporting this program to help create the ecosystem needed to send the first Emirati to space. They provide UAE government endorsement. The UAE Space Agency leadership is paramount to organizing and guiding the space sector by contributing to the national economy and sustainable development and preparing generations of highly skilled professionals. As primary funding sponsor and partner in this program, the UAE Space Agency aligns national goals to develop space research, space programs, and strategic partnerships in the field of space.

Khalifa University (KU)

Khalifa University (KU) is the academic stakeholder in the UAE Mini Satellite Challenge. As the national university of science, engineering, and technology, KU offers the only Aerospace and Aeronautics degrees in the UAE. KU will serve as the competition organizer and will be responsible for the coordinating the development of the winning team’s payload as well as managing its integration into a CubeSat platform.


Boeing has collaborated with several companies and organizations to structure and implement the competition. Boeing provided the general contest idea, framework for the student competition, as well as assistance and in-kind support for various aspects of the contest. Boeing will assist in the process of integrating the student experiment onto the International Space Station. Through Boeing’s user agreement with the Center for the Advancement for Science In Space (CASIS) will secure experiment transportation to and from the International Space Station as well as on-orbit resources such as video data, and astronaut involvement.

Competition Goals

  • Develop and guide a world-class Space sector that contributes to a diversified National economy and which supports sustainable development
  • Support Space Science Research and exploration in support of the advancement of Space science and technology
  • Grow generations of highly skilled UAE nationals to become leaders in Space disciplines
  • Ensure the provision of support services are of high quality and standards and are done transparently
  • To develop the space sector in the UAE.
  • Develop and guide a world-class Space sector that contributes to a diversified National economy and which supports sustainable development
  • To introduce space activities within the universities.
  • To encourage the people to create innovative solutions.
  • To collect space related ideas.
  • To involve students in different sections of satellite manufacturing.
  • To create a sustainable challenges.
  • To raise awareness among the people in the space sector.

How to enter

The competition will consist of a Letter of Intent, submission of a white paper proposal, and for the finalists, a 20-minute presentation to a panel of judges at the Challenge Workshop.

Please submit your Letter of Intent to the following Email address: minisat@kustar.ac.ae

For more information about the competition, please download the following document:

Call for Proposal - English

Call for Proposal - Arabic

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